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Call Number Image Title
MSS022 Mildmay Park Chapel, Highbury Circuit and School Chapel, Bow Circuit
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, St. Aubyn's and Wesleyan Home Mission Chapel
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Mornington Road, Southport
MSS022 New Wesleyan Schools and Residences, Frome, Somerset
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, City Road, Manchester
MSS022 East Jarrow School, County Durham
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Peckham
MSS022 Rhyl Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Newcastle-under-Lyme (interior view)
MSS022 Tottenham Chapel
MSS022 St. John's Hill Wesleyan Chapel, Shrewsbury
MSS022 Leyland Road Chapel, Southport
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Leamington
MSS022 Leigh Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 Sydeham Chapel, Brixton Hill Circuit
MSS022 Walkden Moor Chapel, Near Manchester
MSS022 Trinity Chapel, Southport
MSS022 Highbury Wesleyan Chapel (interior view)
MSS022 Plumstead Common Chapel, Woolwich Circuit
MSS022 New Cross Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Boroughbridge
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Market Harboro, Leicestershire
MSS022 Guernsey Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Queen's Road, Reading, Berks
MSS022 Bow Road Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Ainsdale near Southport
MSS022 Wesley Chapel, Waterloo near Liverpool
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel and Schools, Knutsford, Chesire
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Green Lanes, Highbury, New Park
MSS022 Highbury Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 Sunbury Chapel
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Beverley Road, Hull
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Warwick Gardens, Kensington
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Clapton
MSS022 Clapham Wesleyan Chapel and School
MSS022 Denton Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 Stretford Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 St. Paul's Wesleyan Chapel, Bangor
MSS022 South Gorleston Wesleyan Chapel, Yarmouth
MSS022 Wesleyan Schools, Prince Edwin Street, Liverpool
MSS022 Minister's Residence, Manchester Road, Maslingden
MSS022 Peckham Chapel
MSS022 Trinity Wesleyan Day Schools, Southport
MSS022 Trinity Wesleyan Chapel, Macclesfield
MSS022 Southend Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Banbury, Oxfordshire
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Blackheath
MSS022 Wesley Chapel, Southport
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Ivybridge, Devon
MSS022 Studley Road Chapel, Lambeth Circuit
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Coltman Street, Hull
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel and Manse, Lerwick, Zetland
MSS022 Belize Chapel and Schools
MSS022 Scott Memorial Chapel, Westminster
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Market Harboro, Leicestershire (interior view)
MSS022 Shieldfield Chapel (interior view)
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Tunbridge, Wells
MSS022 Elswick Road Wesleyan Chapel, Newcastle upon Tyne
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Hall, Green
MSS022 Trinity Chapel, Redland, Bristol
MSS022 Eckington Memorial Chapel
MSS022 Wesley Chapel, Fulwood Road, Sheffield
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Melbourne, Derbyshire
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Sherburn near Durham
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Midsomer Norton
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Bridlington, Quay
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Westow Hill, Upper Norwood
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Askern
MSS022 Approach Road Chapel, Bethnal Green
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Newcastle-under-Lyme
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Chesterfield
MSS022 King Street Wesleyan Chapel, Tunstall
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Alderley (interior view)
MSS022 Hungerford Chapel, Berks
MSS022 Victoria Wesleyan Chapel, Queen's Road, Manchester
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Barking
MSS022 Portwood Wesleyan Day School, Great Portwood Street, Stockport
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Marsden and Wesleyan Chapel, Paddock, near Huddersfield
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Altrincham
MSS022 Wesleyan Methodist School-Chapel, North Woolwich
MSS022 Wesleyan College Chapel, Didsbury, Lancashire
MSS022 Wesley Chapel, Spittlegate, Grantham
MSS022 Alsager Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 St. Paul's Day Schools, Bangor
MSS022 Wesleyan Day Schools, Market Rasen
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Stafford
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Chapel-Allerton
MSS022 Park Street Chapel, Bolton
MSS022 Knighton Chapel, Radnorshire
MSS022 Highbury Wesleyan Day-schools
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Sherburn near Durham (interior view)
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Bootle, near Liverpool
MSS022 Victoria Wesleyan Chapel, Clifton
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Edgworth (in the Bolton South Circuit)
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Milborne Port
MSS022 Clarence Street, Wesleyan Chapel, Shieldfield, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Burslem
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Filey, Yorks
MSS022 Victoria Wesleyan Chapel and Schools, Bolton
MSS022 Great Horton Wesleyan Schools and Teacher's House, Bradford, Yorkshire
MSS022 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1870
MSS022 Newton Heath Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 Trinity Chapel, Rochdale
MSS022 Cranmer Chapel and Schools, Liverpool
MSS022 Duncombe Street Chapel, Great Grimsby
MSS022 Mostyn Road Chapel, Brixton
MSS022 St. Paul's Wesleyan Chapel, Runcorn
MSS022 Southwark Park Wesleyan Chapel, Rotherhithe
MSS022 Trinity Chapel, Wolverhampton
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Harriseahead
MSS022 Blackheath Chapel
MSS022 Caledonian Road Chapel
MSS022 Ministers' Houses, New Malton, Yorkshire
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, City Road, Manchester (interior view)
MSS022 Trinity Chapel, Grove Street, Liverpool
MSS022 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Blyth
MSS022 New Wesleyan Chapel, Bletchingley
MSS022 Silsden Chapel
MSS022 Kensington Chapel, Warwick Gardens, Bayswater Circuit
MSS022 Fenton Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Tondu Bridgend
MSS022 Ilkley-in-Wharfedale Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Schools, Urmston near Manchester
MSS022 The Wesley Memorial Chapel, Oxford
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel, Lindley
MSS022 Jarrow-on-Tyne Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
MSS022 Longsight Wesleyan Chapel
MSS022 Wesleyan Chapel and Minister's Residence, High Wycombe, Bucks
MSS022 Chorlton-Cum-Hardy Wesleyan Chapel