Digital Collections

Digital collections at the Pitts Library include physical library holdings that have been digitized through the use of imaging technology as well as born-digital materials which have been in electronic format since inception. For online publications see Occasional Publications of the Pitts Theology Library Series. See also the Digital Image Archive, which contains more than 40,000 images related to the Bible, church leaders, and other theological topics.

African Postcard Collection (MSS 353)

The African Postcard Collection (MSS 353) depicts missionary activity in Africa mostly during the 1930s.

Albert of Brandenburg. Letter to Julius Plüg (MSS 132)

This collection consists of a single, signed letter in German dated 30th July 1540. The letter is a request, addressed to Julius Plüg, to translate from Latin into German some articles on religion by Martin Luther.

Archdiocese of Mainz Indulgence (MSS 085)

Indulgences were issued to defray the cost of building the basilica of St. Peter in Rome. Their distribution was often linked to the sacrament of penance, as believers were granted spiritual benefits in exchange for financial donations and other pious acts. This particular indulgence, believed to be the only specimen of its kind thus far recovered, was issued specifically to clergy, granting them liturgical benefits in exchange for their contributions.

Archer, James. Sermons (MSS 006)

James Archer was born in London, England to Peter and Bridget Lahey Archer on 17 November 1751. He was employed in a Public House called the Ship where English Catholics fearing persecution met secretly to worship. The collection consists of 82 sermons written for Sundays, religious holidays and as inducements into the religious profession.

Chappell, Clovis G. Sermons (MSS 365)

This collection includes sermons of Clovis Chappell, typed, some with handwritten notes on them. The sermons span across numerous issues, topics, and biblical figures covering many ideas.

Cochlaeus, Johannes. Letter to Julius von Pflug (MSS 116)

In this letter, dated June 6, 1547, Cochlaeus congratulates Julius von Pflug on his reinstatement into office following the defeat and capture of Elector John Frederick of Saxony in the Schmalkald War. The letter also refers to the transfer to Bologna of the meetings that became known as the Council of Trent.

Cruciger, Kaspar. Letter to Veit Dietrich (MSS 138)

Kasper Cruciger wrote this letter on July 8, 1544 to Veit Dietrich, pastor of St. Sebald's Church at Nuremberg. The letter discusses personal matters related to himself, Dietrich, Martin Luther, and Philipp Melanchthon. He also writes about the collection of Luther's sermons he and Dietrich were to publish together in the following year.

Doctor of Ministry Final Projects, Candler School of Theology

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) students at Candler School of Theology each complete a final project for the DMin program. The heart of the final project consists of crafting an innovation in ministry practice in the student's location of choice. The design builds upon the issues and questions that arose during coursework, and the final product serves as an ideal example of how Candler prepares real people to make a real difference in the real world.

Dürer, Albrecht. Small Passion Woodcut Collection (MSS 406)

A collection of five woodcuts from Dürer's Small Passion, featuring events in the life of Christ from the Gospels: the washing of Peter's feet (John 13:1-16), the crowning of thorns (Matthew 27:29; Mark 15:17; John 19:2), the resurrection (Luke 24:1-12; John 20:1-23), the meeting of the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), and the doubting Thomas episode (John 20:24-29).

Engraved Portraits of the First Methodist Divines (MSS 357)

This collection contains engravings of Methodist theologians, leaders, and clergy members, as well as scenes of a few notable places within the Methodist church.

Frederick III, Elector of Saxony. Letter (MSS 087)

This letter, handwritten in German on paper, is addressed to Samsons Schoffler zu Seyda and Mathes Pustewald and concerns the parish of Neuerdorff and the death of Rev. Wust. The letter is dated Tuesday, St. Sixtus's Day [1512].

Havermale, Lewis Frederick. Collection (MSS 351)

Lewis Frederick Havermale and his wife Clara were Methodist missionaries in West China from between the years 1916 and 1931. The Havermales established and developed hospitals and schools throughout the Chungking district. This collection contains correspondence, photographs, travel documents, and instructional materials from their missionary efforts in China.

Hurlbert, Jesse Lyman. Palestine Through the Stereoscope (MSS 001)

This collection consists of one bound volume, Palestine through the Stereoscope, a stereoscope, and 200 stereoscopic slides. Through the combination of slides and book the user is given a guided tour of places of interest in Palestine.

John, Elector of Saxony, Letter (MSS 113)

A signed (letter contains notation in his own hand), handwritten letter, in German, on paper. The letter addresses John's unwillingness to provide aid in a dispute against his relative, Duke Albrecht of Bavaria. Letter is dated Easter eve, 1501.

Jonas, Justus. Receipt for Twenty Gulden (MSS 114)

This collection consists of a single receipt, on paper, for 20 Gulden which Jonas received as salary from the City Council of Erfurt.

Kiyoshi Tanimoto Collection (MSS 075)

An alumnus of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Rev. Kiyoshi Tanimoto was the minister of the Nagarehawa United Church of Christ in Hiroshima, Japan when the United States dropped the atomic bomb in 1945.

Luiken, Jan (1758 LUIK)

Digitized images from an emblem book (1758) by the poet and artist, Jan Luiken (1649-1712). Also included is a biography, written by Josephine V. Brown, that looks at the life and times of this artist and his work and his enduring influence on art and culture. The biography features images from the library's collection.

Luther, Martin. Manuscript on Old Testament Chronology (MSS 090)

This collection consists of one manuscript in Martin Luther's own hand, "Notes on Two Chronological Difficulties in the Old Testament."

Luther's Catholic Opponents

Among the Kessler Reformation Collection's outstanding holdings are thirty-two pamphlets by Luther's Catholic opponents—critiques of and responses to Luther's early writing that dramatize the theological debates that accompanied the birth of the Reformation.

Manning, Henry Edward. Papers (MSS 002)

The Personal Papers of Henry Edward Manning (1822-1892) provide evidence that is necessary to understand many of the important events in his life: his conversion to Catholicism, his leading role in the adoption of the doctrine of papal infallibility, and the active part he took in effecting social change in England.

Maurice, Elector of Saxony - Protestatio facta (MSS 144)

A report of a remonstration against the Imperial policy of Charles V for participation in the recently convened ecumenical Council of Trent on terms proposed by the new Pope Julius III (del Monte).

Merton, Thomas. Red Diary

This collection of the thoughts and writings of others provide us with insight into Merton's "interior climate" and "these collected 'words' reflect his fears and his hopes, and more importantly they reflect his prayer, at this new and long awaited juncture in his life"—that of living full-time at his hermitage.

Melanchthon, Philipp. Paulus sprict zu den Colossern (MSS 115)

An unpublished manuscript, signed and dated (1551) by Philipp Melanchthon. Written on three sides of two sheets, it is a meditation on the Third Chapter of Paul's Letter to the Colossians.

National Institute in Church Finance and Administration

For nearly thirty-five years Candler had hosted the National Institute of Church Finance and Administration (NICFA), a program of the National Association of Church Business Administrators (NACBA). Papers from this institute have been digitized and added to this collection.

Newman, John Henry. Papers (MSS 100)

This small collection consists of six letters, a memorandum, and a post card with Newman's hymn, "Lead Kind Light," embroidered in silk. All of the letters are in Newman's hand, but one undated letter is signed by Oxford Union members.

Philip II, King of Spain, Council of Trent Document, 1564 (MSS 143)

This collection contains official text, in Spanish, of the famous royal cedula by which King Philip II promulgated the Catholic Church's reply to the Protestant revolt from the church.

Pickering, Gilbert. Pardon (MSS 109)

This is the pardon of Sir Gilbert Pickering (1613-1668), a member of Parliament, who supported Oliver Cromwell. The pardon, granted by Charles II, is dated 1660 and handwritten in Latin on a large piece of vellum.

Raffaele de' Medici. Letters concerning the Diet of Worms (MSS 043)

The collection consists of three letters, addressed to Raffaele de' Medici, concerning Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms.

Slüter, Joachim. Hymnal (1560 GEIS)

This is the only known copy of a 1560 printing of the so called “Slüter Hymnal,” a Low German hymnal, first issued in 1531 by Joachim Slüter, a pastor and reformer in the Northern German city of Rostock. The work contains a Low German adaptation of Luther's "Klug Hymnal," the standard Lutheran hymnal, which was first printed 1529 by Joachim Klug in Wittenberg and includes Luther's preface, from the "Wittenberger Gesangbuch" (Wittenberg hymnal) of 1524, as well as a number of other hymns collected by Slüter.

Society of Biblical Literature (RG 100) and American Academy of Religion (RG 057) Program Books

Pitts Theology Library holds the archival records for both the Society of Biblical Literature (RG 100) and the American Academy of Religion (RG 057). These two organizations have held joint annual meetings since 1970 (with the exception of 2008-2011). Presented here are program books from these organizations (1938-2018).

Spalatin, Georg. Two Letters, 1528, 1536 (MSS 122)

Spalatin was a German jurist and promoter of the Reformation. Both of the letters were written to Heinrich von Einsiedel. The first letter refers to Martin Luther and the second refers to Philipp Melanchthon.

Stoltz, Johann. Papers (MSS 089)

Twenty distichs (couplets) inspired by important events in the life of Martin Luther. The couplets, in Latin, were composed ca. 1550 and are written on paper.

Tribunal of the Inquisition at Barcelona. Documents, 1693-1703 (MSS 009)

The original Inquisition records of 79 trials signed by Spanish Inquisitors are contained in this volume.

Türkenkriege-Verzeichnis der personen vnd knechte, so zu widerstandt des Türcken... (MSS 218)

This manuscript is handwritten in German and dated May 10, 1542. It lists people from Zwickau, Saxony (Germany) who enlisted or were paid to participate in the field campaign against the Turkish invasion of Marseille.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (RG 026)

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (UUCA) has long and rich history in the city of Atlanta dating back to the late nineteenth century. The UUCA's mission includes fostering a community of faith that encourages and supports individual spiritual quests and action for social justice.

United Methodist Church, North Georgia Conference Local Church Histories (MSS 028)

This collection consists of reports, histories, photographs, and bulletins from churches in the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church (U.S.).

Wandesforde, John. Copybook (MSS 008)

This copybook contains notes from a sermon in English along with short essays on subjects such as "Summer is better than winter," "Gentleness is in a prince even," "The shortness of life," etc. The significance of the work lies in its provision of a glimpse into the studies of an English student of the 1600s.

"Youngsters from the German Highways: a picture survey on constructive aid for refugee youth, 1952 (MSS 054)

The collection comprises of sixty black-and-white photographs depicting the lives of young refugees in West Germany after World War II.