United Methodist Church North Georgia Conference Archives

Welcome to the United Methodist Church North Georgia Conference Archives! Pitts Theology Library at Emory University is the designated repository for the archives of the North Georgia Conference. The Pitts Theology Library Curator of Archives and Manuscripts works with the North Georgia Conference Archives and History Committee to preserve the historical records of the conference, as well as the records of churches in the conference which have been closed or abandoned.

For information about visiting the library to consult the conference archives, see Planning Your Visit. Appointments are strongly encouraged.

Conference journals for the North Georgia Conference and its predecessors are located in the library's reference collection. There is no need to schedule an appointment to use conference journals.

Our Holdings

North Georgia Conference Administrative Records

Records of Closed Churches

Researchers should note that there are many former North Georgia Conference churches for which we do not hold any records. Closed churches whose records have been deposited in the conference archives are (click the link for a detailed inventory of each churchis records):

Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church Records

As a rule, active churches in the North Georgia Conference maintain their own archives. The exception is Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, whose archives are held by Pitts Theology Library because of the historic connection between Glenn Memorial and Emory University. For an inventory of Glenn Memorial records, see:

Papers of North Georgia Conference Bishops

Local Church History Collection

This collection includes reports, histories, photographs, and bulletins from churches in the North Georgia Conference. Although the depth of information varies for each church, some of the material includes dates the church was founded, founding members, pastors, membership lists, location of the church, and other pertinent data. Many of the histories were prepared by members for church homecomings and anniversaries. Please note that we do not have information for every church in the North Georgia Conference.

If your church has prepared a history for an anniversary celebration or other special occasion, please share a copy with Pitts Theology Library. Contact the archivist for more information.

Other Conference Records

Links to other United Methodist Church archival resources

The General Commission on Archives and History maintains the records of the national United Methodist Church administration.� Their web site provides a variety of resources, including information on archival holdings, articles on United Methodist history, and guidelines for managing the records of local churches.

Directory of Local and Regional United Methodist Archives. Maintained by the General Commission on Archives and History.

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