Adam and Eve Labor

Book Title: Biblia, ad vetustissima exemplaria nunc recens castigata, Romae*que reuisa : in quibus Praeterea, qvae subsequens praefatio indicat, capita singula ita versibus distincts sunt : Vt numeri Praefixi Lectorum non remorentur, & loca quaesita tanquam digito demonstrent, additus, ubi res postulauit, elegantissimis figuris

Author: Jerome, Saint, d. 419 or 20.

Image Title: Adam and Eve Labor

Scripture Reference:

Description: This illustration by Pierre Eskrich (ca. 1550 – ca. 1590) depicts Adam and Eve after being expelled from the garden. Adam works the ground with increased hardship, while Eve endures the pains of childbirth (background). Adam and Eve, though, still enjoy the fruit of their labor, as they share a meal.

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