Treasure in Heaven and Worry

Book Title: Kercken Postilla, dat ys, Vthlegginge der Epistelen vnd Euangelien, an de Söndagen vnde vornemesten Festen / Doct. Mart. Luth

Author: Luther, Martin, 1483-1546

Image Title: Treasure in Heaven and Worry

Scripture Reference:

Description: During the Sermon on the Mount Jesus tells his disciples that people should not waste their time storing up earthly treasures nor should they worry about how they will provide for themselves everyday. Rather than allow the accumulation of wealth to dictate their choices, like the man in the background with his coffers full of gold, Jesus advocates investing in heavenly treasures. Since God provides plenty to even the lowliest of species including lilies and birds, both of which are pictured by the disciples’ feet, people should not to fret about clothing and feeding themselves. The engraver's knife and monogram (CE) are placed in the lower right and the 4-cross is in the lower right .

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