The Order of Excommunication and Absolution

Book Title: Pontificale Romanum ad omnes pontificias ceremonias, quibus nunc utitur sacrosancta Romana ecclesia, accommodatum. Nonnullis insuper, que in antea impressis non habentur accuratissime auctum .Ac in tres partes distinctum. : quarum prima personarum, secunda rerum consecrationes, et benedictiones continet : tertia vero quedam ecclesiastica officia, et alia multa comprehendit, que in sequenti tabula, versa pagina monstrantur. Nuper summa diligentia reuisum, emendatum, & impressum

Author: Catholic Church

Image Title: The Order of Excommunication and Absolution

Description: This engraving illustrates one part of the rite of absolution for a priest who had been excommunicated. The one to be absolved kneels before the bishop who is seated outside of the church. The bishop holds a switch in his hand with which he lightly beats the shoulders of the one to be absolved, while a psalm is recited.

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