Gold Coins of Europe

Book Title: Ordonnances et edicts royaux de France depuis le Roy S. Loys IX. en l'an 1226, iusques au Roy Charles neusieme à present regnant 1565. : Le tout assemblé en tieres, & rubriques à la façon des pandectes du droit Romain, auec annotations necessaires pour l'intelligence des lieux les plus difficiles / par Pierre Rebuffi, docteur en droict, & aduocat en Parlement ; on y a depuis adiosté plusieurs arrests donnez es Cours souueraines, fondez sur la teneur des ordannances : auec deux tables, l'une des rubriques, l'autre des principales matieres qui y sont contenues

Author: Rebuffi, Pierre, 1487-1557, ed

Image Title: Gold Coins of Europe

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Description: Except for a couple of small French coins in the upper left corner, this page presents high-value coins from various European states. English coins appear first: two coins called nobles which feature English kings Edward III (r. 1327-1377) and Henry V (r. 1413-1422) holding a shield and sword; below the noble is the English angel, which represents the archangel Michael fighting a dragon. The bottom coin in the left column begins a series of ducats; this coin is a Spanish doubloon, which features a double portrait of Ferdinand II of Aragon (r. 1479-1516) and Isabella I of Castile and León (r. 1474-1504). The right column contains another ducat of Spain, one from Venice which features Doge Leonardo Loredan (r. 1501-1521), one from Genoa which honors King Conrad III of Germany (r. 1138-1152), and a Hungarian ducat commemorating fifteenth-century king Matthias Corvinus, followed by three ducats from Sicily, Castile, and Aragon, which feature King Ferdinand II.

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