The Dedication or Consecration of a Church

Book Title: Pontificale Romanum ad omnes pontificias ceremonias, quibus nunc utitur sacrosancta Romana ecclesia, accommodatum. Nonnullis insuper, que in antea impressis non habentur accuratissime auctum .Ac in tres partes distinctum. : quarum prima personarum, secunda rerum consecrationes, et benedictiones continet : tertia vero quedam ecclesiastica officia, et alia multa comprehendit, que in sequenti tabula, versa pagina monstrantur. Nuper summa diligentia reuisum, emendatum, & impressum

Author: Catholic Church

Image Title: The Dedication or Consecration of a Church

Description: This engraving is the ninth of seventeen illustrating the dedication or consecration of a church. The bishop circles the church three times in all, blessing the interior with holy water from the aspersorium (a basin used to contain holy water). Each time he begins the circle in a different direction: first to the right, then down the middle, and finally to the left.

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