Joachim Sluter's Hymnal

Book Title: Enchiridion geistliker Leder vnde Psalmen / vppet nye gebetert Mart. Luth[er]

Author: Sl├╝ter, Joachim, ca. 1490-1532

Image Title: Joachim Sluter's Hymnal

Description: A 1560 printing of a Sluter hymnal. This low German hymnal, first issued in 1531 by Joachim Sluter, a pastor and reformer in the Northern German city of Rostock. The work contains a low German adaptation of Luther's Klug hymnal, including Luther's preface, first issued with the "Wittenberger Gesangbuch" (Wittenberg hymnal) of 1524, as well as a number of other hymns collected by Sluter. The ornamental title-page border features the printer's device of Samuel Selfisch (or Seelfisch), shows the prophet Samuel anointing King David of Israel with the harp .

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