Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Book Title: Het Nieuwe Testament ons salichmaeckers Iesv Christi, mitsgaders d'epistelen : wt het Oude Testament, soo die door 't jaer in den dienst der h. kercke ghelesen worden. / Oversien ende verbetert na den laetsten Roomschen text, door den eerw. H. Henricus van den Leemputte, Licentiaet in de h. Godheyt. Verciert met veel schoone figueren, gesneden door Christoffel van Sichem, voor P.I.P.

Author: Leemputte, Henricus van den, 1588-1657

Image Title: Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

Scripture Reference:

Description: Jesus gives an illustration to demonstrate the law of forgiveness. A slave pleads with his master to give him more time to repay his debt (top left). After the master shows pity and forgives his debt, the slave goes out and has a fellow slave who owes him a far less amount thrown into prison (top center). When the master hears of this, he has the slave handed over to be tortured until he repays his debt (base). Includes the monogram of the woodcutter, Christoffel van Sichem II (1577-1658) in the bottom right corner; his son, Christoffel van Sichem III (1618-1659), may have collaborated with him on these images.

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