Disciplining Children

Book Title: Christeliicken waerseggher : de principale stucken van t'christen geloof en Leuen int cort begrijpende. Met een rolle der deugtsaemheyt daer op dienende. Ende een schildt-wacht teghen de valsche waersegghers, tooueraers, etc. / Deur den e. Heer P. Ioannes David, priester der Societeijt Iesu

Author: David, Jan, 1545?-1613

Image Title: Disciplining Children

Description: In the foreground, a mother and father attempt to rescue their child from being carried off by a winged demon, while in the background, a school master threatens his charges with a switch and Moses parts the Red Sea. Above, a demon flies through the air, carrying a child. The Latin superscription reads, "Who does not chastise a son, sacrifices him to Orcus," and the text below, "What do elders do, who never have a disciplining staff? The recompense for such rearing is feeding the flames of Tartarus with their offspring.".

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