Martyrdom of Andrew

Book Title: Der drit Thail Christenlicher Predigen An den hohen Festen vnd Hochzeytlichen tagen, der Hayligen, durch das ganntz Jar, nach gebrauch Christenlicher Kirchen zuo guot und nutz den Frommen Alten Christen / Durch Johann von Eck ...

Author: Eck, Johann, 1486-1543

Image Title: Martyrdom of Andrew

Description: This scene depicts the crucifixion of the Apostle Andrew on a cross in the shape of an "X". According to Christian tradition, Andrew was crucified by Aegeas, the proconsul of Patras (located in the North-West of the Peloponnese of Greece), and affixed to the wooden beams with ropes, rather than nails, to prolong his agony. Although one tradition indicates that he was crucified upside down, he is shown upright here.

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