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Nouu[m] testame[n]tu[m] omne / tertio iam ac dillige[n]tius ab Erasmo Roterodamo recognitu[m] ; no[n] solum ad Grecam veritatem, veru[m] simul et emendatoru[m] fide[m]: postremo ad p[ro]batissimoru[m] autoru[m] citatione[m], eme[n]datione[m] [et] interpretatione[m]. Quisquis igit[ur] amas vera[m] theologia[m]: lege: cognosce ac deinde iudica Neque statim offendere: si q[ui]d mutatum offenderis: s[ed] expe[n]de: nu[m] in melius mutatu[m] sit. Na[m] morib[us] e[st] no[n] iudiciu[m]: da[m]nare q[uo]d no[n] inspexer[is]. Addita sunt in singulas Apostolo[rum] ep[isto]las Argumenta / per Erasmu[m] Rot.

Author: Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536

Image Title: Historiated Title-Page Border

Scripture Reference: Acts 2

Description: Historiated title-page border with a title-page vignette depicting the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples in the form of a dove and as flames of fire on Pentecost.

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