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Call Number Image Title
1545LuthK1 Fall of Adam and Eve
1545LuthK1 Blasphemer Stoned
1545LuthK1 Jacob’s Flock Prospers
1545LuthK1 Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife
1545LuthK1 Achan's Sin
1545LuthK1 Canaanite Woman
1545LuthK1 Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
1545LuthK1 Baptism of Jesus
1545LuthK1 Crucifixion of Jesus
1545LuthK1 Temptation of Jesus
1545LuthK1 Golden Calf
1545LuthK1 Creation
1545LuthK1 Ten Commandments
1545LuthK1 Pentecost
1545LuthK1 Noah's Drunkenness
1545LuthK1 Baptism
1545LuthK1 Third Commandment
1545LuthK1 Carrying the Cross
1545LuthK1 The Eucharist
1545LuthK1 Teaching
1545LuthK1 Feeding the 5,000
1545LuthK1 Cain and Abel
1545LuthK1 Jesus Teaches
1545LuthK1 Forgiveness
1545LuthK1 Jesus and Children
1545LuthK1 Susanna's Trial
1545LuthK1 Jesus Teaches the Disciples the Lord’s Prayer
1545LuthK1 David and Bathsheba